Historical information

Held by Montmorency/Eltham sub branch for some time; background details uncertain. Likely donated by by family member.
Owner was Leslie 'Rocky' Walton (b. 9 Jun 1921) who enlisted at Casino (NSW) on 2 Aug 1942, living at East Preston at the time. He was discharged on 15 April 1946 while posted to 2/43 Aust. Inf. Bn.

Physical description

The kitbag consists of a long, brown, canvas cylinder closed at the bottom. The top has an internal canvas flap and eight brass grommets to allow a drawstring type rope (fitted on this item) to securely close the bag. A metal D-shaped hinged clasp (see photo; 13 cm x 8 cm) to enable fitting of a padlock. A canvas loop (see photo) is sewn to bottom edge of bag to enable rope to be passed through for bag to be slung on shoulder.
The name and army serial number of the owner are stenciled in white paint on the side and bottom of the bag.

Inscriptions & markings

Stenciled on side and bottom of bag ...