Historical information

The Common School No. 213 East Brighton 1864 - 1878 replaced the original St Stephen's Church of England School in Tucker Road.
1878-1908 the School was known as Education Department State School No. 2083 Brighton East. 1908 - 1936 the School changed it's name to Bentleigh and then from 1936 - 1993 was known as East Bentleigh. 1993 the school was closed due to low enrollments and the building was demolished and land sold.
Eric Hutchinson, the uncle of Les Hutchinson, attended this school. Eric is second row far left ' behind the boy with the white handkerchief '. The 1920 gathering may be for the unveiling of a World War 1 Honour Roll - for past students killed or injured - as can be seen at the back of the group A flag pole may be the central wood post as all the boys and men have removed their hats and caps.


A school photograph of one of the original schools in the Bentleigh area showing a gathering of adults and children who had connection with this school either as teachers, pupils, parents or neighbours in 1920.

Physical description

A black & White photograph showing a group of adults and children in front of Education Department State School Bentleigh no. 2083 in 1920 (Reprint)