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From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

A collection of invoices, receipts, labels and a card of material swatches. 3095.1 is a rectangular card with swatches of material stapled to it. 3095.2 and 3095.3 are rectangular pull apart labels. 3095.4 and 3095..5 are carbon copies of receipts. 3095.7 is an overdue notice. All documents have hand-written and printed information.
3095.1 - H-140mm W-71mm; 3095.2 and 3095.3 - H-82mm W-37mm; 3095.4 - H-124mm W-177mm; 3095.5 - H-100mm W-187mm; s095,6 -H-144mm W-220mm; 3095.7 - H-130mm W-240mm
Object Registration
dent-isaac-bombala edward-arnold-&-co schute-bell-&-co joseph-peter-delegate bombala-times
Historical information
These items were found in the ruins of a house/ hut located along the Clarkesville Road at Bendoc. The donor, David Buntine was stationed in Bendoc in 1969-1971 managing timber harvesting operations for VicForests.
The swatches of curtain material are from Edward Arnold & Co Department Store of Oxford and Crown Streets, Sydney.
The six tag labels are from Schute, Bell & Co Ltd - Wool & Produce Brokers, Sydney.
There is a carbon copy of a receipt from the Shire of Orbost to Mr J. Dent. It is dated 9-10-1915 and is for the amount of 10 shillings.
There is a receipt for a gun licence dated, 18-5-1920 and is from Edward Dent for 10 guineas.
The invoice / receipt is for men's clothing and cups from Peter Joseph General Storekeeper at Delegate and is dated September 1920.
There is an overdue notice to Isaac Dent, Bendoc for a 12 month subscription to "The Bombala Times" - W.G. Tweedie.
Isaac Dent was married to Margaret Leslie and had six children - Isaac, James, Mary Ann, Charles, Elsie and Joseph. They made their home at Burrumbooka, near Bombala.
The Bombala Times newspaper has been continually published since 1863. It was owned by the Johnson family between 1938 and 1975.
When Made
C1915 -1920s
These documents are early 20th century records of business transactions. The Dent family were early settlers in the Bendoc / Bombala district.
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25 Nov 2019 at 1:36PM