Historical information

This bayonet and scabbard was made for the Charles Lancaster .577 calibre Oval Bore Carbine and was known as the Pattern 1855 'Sappers and Miners' bayonet because they were designed for use by the Corps of British Royal Sappers & Miners. The first model Sappers and Miners bayonet appeared in 1841 and differs significantly from this type. Pattern 1855 bayonets were issued to some volunteer units of the Victorian defence forces in the late 1850s,

Physical description

Stylised beaked-brass pommel with T- shaped attachment slot. A steel press stud operates the locking catch via a steel leaf spring on right side of hilt. Two-piece black chequered leather grips. Left grip has four small steel rivets, right grip three rivets and the leaf spring securing screw. Brass cross-guard with formed muzzle ring. Long single-edged, pipe backed, quill pointed 24 inch (615mm) steel blade. Original leather scabbard with brass locket and chape.

Inscriptions & markings

Knight's Head stamping of the German Solingen-based firm Carl Reinhard KIRSCHBAUM