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Article and Photograph - Greensborough War Memorial Park, removal of chainsaw sculptures

From the Collection of Greensborough Historical Society 34 Glenauburn Road Lower Plenty Lower Plenty Victoria

Photographs and text sourced from social media.
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chainsaw sculptures, greensborough war memorial park, leigh conkie, homefront project
Historical information
Photographs of the burning of the Conkie chainsaw sculptures at Greensborough War Memorial Park on 09/09/2017. These original statues had become weather damaged over time and were replaced by the Homefront Project chainsaw sculptures. Photographs from Homefront Facebook page.
When Made
This text and photographs were copied from a Facebook site. Members are people who lived in the Greensborough area and share their reminiscences of the area with others. The site is administered by a GHS member but is not officially affiliated with the Society. Any information is the opinion of the contributor.
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26 Nov 2019 at 4:26PM