Historical information

"Two hundred men of the Holy Name Society made a striking spectacle on March 26 when they marched through the streets of Daylesford to the Town Hall for a Communion breakfast, after Mass at St. Peter's Church, which concluded a tridium for the men of the parish, conducted by Rev. Father Whelan, P.P. There were many "New Australians" present. Among the visitors present were Mr. C. Condon, Mr. F. Frawley and Mr. Hooper, of the Melbourne Diocesan Union executive of the IIolv Name Society, and also eight members of the North Melbourne branch, beaded by their president, Mr. V. Sheahan. The president of the Daylesford branch (Mr. J. A. Gleeson) proposed the toast of "The Hierarchy and Clergy," to which Father Whelan and Father Moynihan, P.P.. responded. Mr. H. Poulson, vice-president, proposed the toast of "The Holy Name Society," and appealed for in increase in membership. Mr. C. Condon responded. The toast of "The Visitors" was proposed by Mr. H. Lilburne, who referred to the unavoidable absence of Father Day, spiritual director of the society. Mr. V. Sheahan and Mr. Hooper responded." (The Advocate 18 May 1950)

Physical description

Black and white photograph taken in Daylesford Town Hall depicting numerous men standing, and sitting at tables during the St Peter's Catholic Church Communion Breakfast associated with the Holy Name Society.