Historical information

This jacket appears to be part of the uniform, connected to Warrnambool through its sleeve labels, and to the sea, through its anchor and chain buttons. It may have been worn in the merchant navy by a senior seaman, due to the good quality of fabric and the double-breasted design, or to life saving at sea, such as a member of the Life Saving Rescue Crew, or even a Harbour Master.

This jacket has been used for display on the ketch 'Reginald M', built in 1922 in South Australia and spending the final years of its life at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village from 1975-2016. The vessel spent much of its working life as a coastal trader along the south-eastern coast of Australia.


This maritime jacket is significant for its connection with Warrnambool and to maritime service. Its high quality wool suggests that it was made for a senior ranking person.
This jacket could have been used by a seaman in the merchant navy, which provided the essential service of transportation of goods and passengers between the ports of south-eastern Australia, including the Port of Warrnambool.

Physical description

Uniform jacket or coat, maritime. Heavy duty navy-coloured woollen jacket lined with light-weight woollen lining coloured blue with thin white stripe. Double-breasted front with eight buttons with the motif of anchor and chain. Two waist pockets on the outside, two breast pockets on the inside, closed with composition buttons on the lap, plus one spare button. Dark felt fabric labels were stitched to each sleeve just below the shoulder, with gold embroidered letters.

Inscriptions & markings

Embroidered sleeve labels "WARRNAMBOOL"
Embossed on eight buttons, symbol [chain joined to top of anchor and entwined around it, with text on anchor's crossbar]