Historical information

Owned by long-time Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (Victorian Branch) Professional Officer Catherine Hutchings.

Physical description

1998 federal election campaign material by Victorian Trades Hall. Full colour bi-fold brochure, using images depicting 1998 Australian waterfront dispute.

Text on front:

'Welcome to John Howard's Australia.

In 1996, John Howard promised that under his industrial relations laws, 'no worker would be worse off'.

In 1998, his government cheered on the illegal sacking of 2000 workers.

His laws have changed our system from one of fairness and decency to a system that encourages conflict and division.

John Howard's laws are undermining Australian wages and working conditions by attacking unions, encouraging individual contracts and dismantling the award system and the Industrial Relations Commission.

On October 3rd [1998], use your vote wisely

Your job may depend on it.'

Text on rear:

'Five Facts About Industrial Relations Under John Howard

Workers have lost award conditions and legal protections.

Australian wages are being undermined by individual contracts and non-union agreements.

Companies can use corporate law to sack workforces and not pay wages owed.

Workers have been sacked because they belong to a Union.

Conflict and Division in the workforce has increased.

On October 3rd [1998], use your vote wisely.

Your job may depend on it.'