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black and white photographs

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

Fifteen black / white photographs of the last train to leave Orbost Railway station.
H-117mm W-162mm
Object Registration
otrbost-bairnsdale-railway east-gippsland-railway orbosr-railway-closure
Historical information
These photographs are of the final train to leave Orbost railway Station on August 21 1987 signalling the closure of the line. 3105.12 shows Locomotive T408 and on the side is written "LAST TRAIN EX ORBOST 24.8.87".
When Made
August 21 1987
Made By
Snowy River Mail (Maker)
These photographs are associated with the history of the Orbost-Bairnsdale railway line and therefore reflects the role that the rail line played in the social and economic history of Orbost.
The closure of the line was a significant event in Orbost's history.
Inscriptions & Markings
3105.1 - on back - "Last Train leaving Orbost Railway Station on Friday August 21. 1987. SRM August 26 1987 Last train from Orbost, Friday last saw the end of an era when the last freight train to pull out of Orbost Station at about pm. A symbolic wave from engineer, Bill Buckley, was the only ceremony to mark the passing of rail transport for East Gippsland."
3105.2 - on back - " Last train prepares to leave from Orbost on August 21, 1987."
3105.3 - on back - " The Orbost railhead following the departure of the last train on Friday August 21, 1987. Shows spectators who farewelled the last train."
3105.4 - on back - "From Grandview, Newmerella, shows the last train from Orbost crossing the timber Trestle (sic) viaduct across the Snowy River flats on Friday August 21, 1987"
3105.5 - on back - " A pair of Series 3 "T" Class Diesel Electric locomotives which were used to haul the final train from the Orbost Rail Head on Friday, August 21, 1987. Goods shed on right"
3105.6 - on back - " VFTY Timber Wagons at the Orbost Railway Station. 30 of these large wagons were built for the timber traffic between Orbost and Melbourne. Part of last train to leave Orbost on August 1, 1987."
3105.7 - on back - "The Fordson powered Rail Tractor which was used during shunting at the Orbost railway station, hooked up behind the second locomotive for its final journal from Orbost on Friday August 21, 1987."
3105.8 - on back - "Two Series 3 "T" Class Locomotives (Diesel Electric) were used to haul the final train from Orbost - T408 and T347, T408 was the leading locomotive. Orbost Goods Shed is on the left. Last train left on Friday August 27, 1987."
3105.9 - on back - " 3 "T" Class Diesel Electric locomotives often used in pairs to haul the timber trains out of Orbost. This locomotive was used to lead (haul) the final train from Orbost on Friday August 21, 1987"
3105.10 - on back - "The Gantry at the Orbost Railway Yards - capacity 10 tons. The last wagons before being hooked up to the locos for their last trip out of Orbost on Friday August 21, 1987"
3105.11 - on back - " Station Masters Office and Goods Shed at Orbost Railway Station. The two Series 3 "T" Class Diesel Electric locomotives waiting to haul the final train from Orbost on Friday 21 1987"
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