Historical information

This is a photograph of students at Orbost State School in 1915. Included in the photograph, as identified by Mary Gilbert' are Brian Harrison; ?; ? Whillance; Rupert Perry; ; Dolly Nixxon; Dot Stagg; Ella Cowell; Annie Macalaster; ?
?; ? Winchester; Rupert Bird; Mac Kerr; :; Clarrie Reynolds; D. Daly; Marion Watt; Audrey Cameron; Teen Dixon; Ethel Morris; ?; Toby Nixon; Charlie Winchester
Miss Marie Haynes; Doris Smith; Alison Cameron; Ruby Morgan; Thida(?) Guy; Elsa Wehner; Gladys Boucher; Gloria Swanson; ? Lay; ? Rodwell
Wally Simpson; ? Morgan; Reece Harrison; P. Summers; ?; Les Morgan; W. Lawless; ? Craker; A. Nish; P. Hocking
Zenie Irvine; Essie Nixxon; Violet Gibbs; Adelaide Hardy; Verna Perry; Mary Gilbert; Margaret Irvine; Marge Henderson; Nellie Draffin; Roy Cameron

The 19th of March 1886 proved an important day in the lives of many early settlers in the Orbost area, because on this day the Orbost State School opened. The fact that the school had first operated tem­porarily in a leased building, and on a half-time basis with SS2745 Jarrahmond, did not dampen the enthusiasm of the local inhabitants as they saw their offspring commence their education under the guidance of HT Campbell Mackay. However he remained in charge only until 12th of May 1886. The second HT, John Rowe, served until 1908. On 30th of June 1887, a portable room was provided; it being brought to the area by schooner. The school now had accommodation for 30 pupils; the teacher's welfare was considered because quarters of two rooms were attached. As the population increased so did the needs of the school. This was reflected in the provision of a larger classroom in 1898.


This photograph is associated with the history of education in Orbost.

Physical description

A black / white photograph of a group of children and one female teacher in front of an open doorway of a wooden school building. agirl seated in the front row is holding a board with "Grades V V1 Orbost" hand-written in what appears to be white chalk on a blackboard. .A list of those in photograph is attached.

Inscriptions & markings

on back - "Grades V V1 Teacher Miss Merle Haynes who is now married, graduated at Monash, Maisie Ross holding board. Mary Gilbert on her right in picture"