Historical information

Prelude to conflict -- Blitz in the West -- Britain alone -- Italy falters -- Hitler strikes South -- Enter Rommel -- Barbarossa -- The War against Japan -- The onslaught continues -- From Moscow to the Crimea -- Turning point in the desert -- Stalingrad to Kursk -- Victory in the desert -- The Convoy battles -- Hitting back against the Japanese -- The Italian armistice -- To the Gustav Line -- Approaches to the Philippines -- War over the Reich -- The invasion of France -- Destruction of the Army Group Centre -- The Seine to Arnhem -- The Empire's last throw -- Victory in Italy -- The end in Europe -- Victory over Japan

Physical description

hard cover non-fiction book
maps and diagrams

Inscriptions & markings

Inscription on the first page
"To Dad Happy Birthday, with love Jenny xxx 1987"

Glued into the same front page is an article cut from the AFR Dec 22-27 2011.