Historical information

These two works of art are by Dr Don Edgar, a sociologist, educator and author. He taught sociology at Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Monash University and La Trobe University and was the founding Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies. In the 1950s Dr Edgar was a student at Warrnambool High School and these works of art were produced at that time. For a school project he researched the early history of the Warrnambool Art Gallery and some of its collection, dating from the 19th century. In 2019 he published a book, ‘Art For the Country’, the story of Victoria’s regional art galleries and the book includes information on the founding and the later history of the Warrnambool Art Gallery.


These works of art are of interest as they were painted by Dr Don Edgar, a noted academic and author today and a former resident of Warrnambool. The two works of art also have historical interest as they depict Warrnambool scenes painted over 60 years ago.

Physical description

.1 An art work (oil on artboard) – the Warrnambool Botanical Gardens with bridge and reflections, a gum tree and a poplar tree, all in green and orange tonings. The wooden frame has a light varnish with gold and white trim
.2 An art work (oil on artboard) – multi-coloured view of the mouth of Hopkins River with the Hopkins River bridge, Lyndoch bungalow and boathouse. The frame is wooden with a mottled varnish and a white insert edging.

Inscriptions & markings

.1 Don Edgar 1953
Don Edgar 1953 (High School Student)
.2 D.E. 53
Don Edgar 1953 (High School Student)