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Document, report - Report on Legacy Residences

From the Collection of Melbourne Legacy 293 Swanston Street Melbourne Victoria

White foolscap paper x 6 pages, with black type. Two holes punched for filing, and 2 add-ins.

Object Registration
residences, review, blamey house, harelands, stanhope
Historical information
An unattributed report dated 18/04/1972 to be read in conjunction with Cat. No. 01670. The report gives details of the situation at that date and projected changes to the functions of the residences, occupancy rates, costs and likely trends in accommodation needs. It explores at length auxiliary and alternate accommodation such as the Salvation Army, YMCA, YWCA and church hostels, before offering future options: (i) to carry on using Harelands, Stanhope and Blamey House without change, (ii) move working girls and boys to YWCA/church hostel or YMCA/church hostel, converting Stanhope to a co-ed residence for over 14s attending school, maintaining Harelands as a co-ed residence for under 14s, and releasing Blamey House. These changes to take place when the number of residents over the age of 14 falls below 34 in two consecutive years.
When Made
Part of the history of Melbourne Legacy's involvement with residential care for children.
Inscriptions & Markings
Page 1: Handwritten in pencil: 'Discussed with J. Chancellor 18/4/72', 'DRAFT 18/4/72 see later Draft 19/4', under Occupancy '74' is circled and '72' written next to it. Handwritten in blue biro: '(This report has been updated under the heading of Occupancy to include 1971 figures)', '(a) Junior Legatees' added under 3.
Page 2: Handwritten in blue biro: '(b) Costs of Maintaining Residences added under #3, 'ER' added in pencil to 'high' near bottom of page.
Page 3: Handwritten in pencil: 'should' changed to 'could' on line 4, lines 5-8 annotated 're other organisations', 'gratified' changed to 'qualified' in blue biro half way down the page.
Page 4: figures for apprentices and total pencilled into table and two pencilled lines have been added to para 4.
Page 5: 'There being approximately 15 under 18 years' in blue biro inserted in Line 13.
Page 6: 'Insert 7' pencilled in front of '7.', which is changed to '8'.
Page 7: '8' changed to 9 in pencil, 'problem cases' written at the end, and '(over the age of 14)' inserted in blue biro on the penultimate line.
01672(8): in blue ink: 'members' changed to 'numbers', and 'fill' changed to 'fell'.
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20 Apr 2020 at 12:17PM