Historical information

This badge was produced to celebrate a gathering of past and present residents at Port Fairy in 1921, with the event officially called ‘Back to Port Fairy’. Port Fairy is on the Princes Highway, 28 kilometres west of Warrnambool. By 1921 Europeans had settled in Port Fairy for about 85 years, with John Griffiths setting up a whaling station on Griffiths Island in 1836 and James Atkinson establishing the town area in the early 1840s. Atkinson called the town Belfast and it was known by this name until 1887 when the name reverted to Port Fairy. The Back to Port Fairy celebrations in 1921 ran from November 10th to November 19th. A month before, in October 1921, the Glaxo factory, a prominent business in Port Fairy for many years, had been established.


This badge is of minor interest as a memento of a celebration at Port Fairy in 1921 and is retained for display purposes.

Physical description

This is a metal badge with red edging, red lettering and a grey-coloured image of boats at the Port Fairy wharf.

Inscriptions & markings

Back to Port Fairy November 1921