Historical information

This medal was issued to commemorate the visit to Australia of the Prince of Wales in 1920. The visit was primarily an expression of thanks by the Royal family in Britain to the people of Australia for their involvement and support during World War One. This particular medal was produced to mark the visit of the Prince of Wales to Geelong.


This medal has no known local provenance but is retained for display purposes.

Physical description

This is a round bronze medal. The obverse side has an image of the Prince of Wales in uniform with printing around the edges. The reverse has a coat of arms with decorative patterns and leaf fronds and printing. The medal has a loop and a metal ring at the top for attachment to a ribbon or a cord.

Inscriptions & markings

H.R.H. Prince of Wales Welcome to Australia Stokes To Commemorate the Visit of H.R.H. Prince of Wales to Australia Geelong June 1920