Historical information

Minutes of the meeting held on 28th February 1975 which updated the information in Cat. No. 01693. Red Cross, which owned Stanhope and leased it to Melbourne Legacy, had been approached to consider Legacy's request to modify the residence. The numbers of children 16 years and under had averaged 35-40 with 26 currently in residence.
The Committee now proposed that Harelands should be sold and Stanhope should become co-ed and modified to accommodate 40 children. Chairman Legatee Quayle undertook to ring other Committee members for their approval to pass these recommendations to the Junior Legacy Club.
In a file with documents pertaining to the residences.


Gives an insight into Legacy thinking about the way in which the residences should be used.

Physical description

Fading photocopy, originally black on white, now brown on cream. Two holes punched for filing.