Historical information

David Gordon Collection.

The monument was created and erected by Mr. Barber of Dunolly in October 1919. It was unveiled by Brigadier General Brand C.B. C.M.G. D.S.O. at 2:30pm on Saturday November 8th, 1919. The Welcome Home Committee, formed 2nd July 1917, was largely responsible for commissioning the monument. Foundation members were Mrs. B. Patterson, Mrs J. Bock and the Misses P. Lemin, Violet Radnell, D. Dyer and Doris and Phoebe Bock. The Committee arranged 'Welcome Home' functions for each local soldier returning home after service in the First World War. Tarnagulla had a very large number of enlistments for its population.

Angus M. Comrie is standing to the right of the Memorial with his daughter Mavis Comrie, and Nell Alexander. Mavis Comrie presented a new Union Jack flag to the Tarnagulla School on 25th July 1919 to commemorate Peace. Peace Medals were also distributed to the school students.

The men in uniform at ground level are making up a Guard of Honour consisting of returned soldiers drawn from around the Tarnagulla district. They formed up at the Victoria Hotel, and there is a good photograph of them elsewhere in this collection.

Physical description

Original sepia photograph, mounted on card, depicting the unveiling ceremony for the Soldiers' Memorial monument in Tarnagulla. A large crowd is looking on, some spilling off the curb and onto the street, whilst several officials stand on a temporary platform. The obelisk monument is left of centre in the image.