Historical information

These badges were produced in the 1950s to raise funds for the Lyndoch Old Folks Home in Warrnambool. This aged care facility at the mouth of the Hopkins River was opened in 1952 when the property known as Lyndoch was purchased. Lyndoch had been established in the 1880s by the Melbourne businessman George Rolfe who bought up a considerable amount of land in the Warrnambool district in the late 19th century. After George Rolfe died his step-daughter, Florence Lake built the bungalow known as Lyndoch and this building was the basis for the development of the property into an aged care facility. Today the facility has been considerably expanded and is known as Lyndoch Living.


These badges are retained as mementoes of the type of fund-raising ventures conducted in the 1950s to raise funds for local charities in Warrnambool – in this case ‘Lyndoch’ Old Folks Home.

Physical description

.1 A metal badge with green lettering on a cream-coloured background. The rusted back has a metal clip and the name of the maker is printed around the edge of the badge. .2 As above except that the lettering is very faded and the clip at the back does not work.

Inscriptions & markings

In aid of “Lyndoch” Old Folks Home A.W.Patrick N. Fitzroy Vict.