Historical information

The MU on these badges stands for Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows. This was one of the most prominent of the benefit societies operating in Warrnambool over the years. Originating in England, Manchester Unity I.O.O.F. was established in Warrnambool in 1860. This benefit society built and opened the Oddfellows Hall in Koroit Street Warrnambool in 1869 (building still extant but now used for office space). Some years ago the Manchester Unity I. O.O.F. joined with the Australian Natives Association to form a new benefit group, Australia Unity.


These badges are of interest as mementoes of a benefit society that was prominent in Warrnambool for over 100 years.

Physical description

.1 A round metal lapel badge with gilt edging, an outer blue band and the letters ‘MU’ in blue and red on a gold-coloured background. The stud clip is at the back. .2 As above except that it has a long stick pin attached to the back instead of a stud.

Inscriptions & markings