Historical information

These magazines originally belonged to Catherine Mary Stewart who taught at Penshurst State School. She was the grandmother of the donor of the two magazines. These magazines were produced in the 1920s by the inspectorate of the Warrnambool district schools and they featured contributions by the pupils and teachers from the schools in the area. The magazine, ‘The Link’ was first published in September 1921 and came out once or twice a year in the early 1920s. In 1924 the magazine had a circulation of 1500 covering 107 State Schools, one Technical School, one High School, two Higher Elementary Schools and 17 registered schools. The contributions from the pupils are of special interest today as many of the names later became important locally and some of the photographs are of interest as they are ones not in local collections today.


These magazines are of considerable importance as they contain many photographs not previously seen and much original material (articles, poems etc) produced by pupils and teachers in the Western District of Victoria in the early 1920s. They are of value to researchers.

Physical description

.1 A soft cover booklet of 42 pages. The booklet is stapled. The cover is buff-coloured with blue printing and it has images of children, schools, sporting equipment, technical classes and other decorative material. The booklet contains printed material, black and white photographs and advertisements. .2 as above except that there are 72 pages and a different publication date