Quinn Collection

Physical description

A black card (0920.a1) on which 'Joyeux Noel' is written in large blue letters. To the right of this is a picture of a young man leaning through an ornate picture frame smoking a cigarette. Above this is written 'Barry'. This part of the card has been folded in. Four centimetres of singed cigarette with 'Happy Xmas Cobber' written on it is stuck onto the card. The back of the card is white. The envelope (0920.b) addressed to A. Quinn Esq., has been re-addressed from 414 Como Parade, Parkdale, to 14 Fitzroy Street, Kilda, Victoria, Australia. The London postmark is dated 17/07/55. The return address, written on the back of the envelope, is B. Warner, 64 St George's Square, London S.W.1 England.

Inscriptions & markings

The brief letter written on the back of the card commences "Dear Allan" and is signed "Barry". The letter is not dated.