Historical information

Henry Pearson was a dentist in Numurkah between 1911 and 1929 (referenced in Bossence book) This document is an agreement between Pearson and Leonard Bennett (son of Ernest Bennett, Hairdresser, who was the witness to this document). the agreement was that Pearson would take on Leonard as an apprentice in profession of Mechanical Dentist. The documents then goes on to outline what was involved in the apprenticeship: days, hours, bord,

Physical description

Yellowed legal document outlining Articles of Apprenticeship, dated 16th January, 1915. Names of people involved on the front. When opened up, the document outlines the what's involved in the apprenticeship, and includes signatures of the people involved. Solicitors were Morrissy & Deane, Numurkah

Inscriptions & markings

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