Historical information

Long term loan from Neurological Society of Australasia Museum of Neurosurgical Instruments , South Australia
Catalogue with Historical Commentaries Second Edition January 2006 Copy located at RACS Museum

Physical description

Stuart Morson(1913 - 1980) of Sydney had this injector constructed in or before 1952. It is
said that it was not used much. The injector embodies two 10 ml and two 20 ml Record syringes coupled to a single delivery system. Each is operated by a piston. The pistons are driven from cylinders drilled in a metal block within the casing of the injector; the motive power must have been hydraulic or
pneumatic pressure delivered through a manifold with taps allowing each syringe to be worked
in isolation. The casing also contains two linked micro switches operated from a distance; it is
unclear what was the role of these switches, and it is possible that a component of the unit is
lost. JB Curtisl stated that a mechanical injector was devised in 1949 for serial angiography by his collaborator Schuster, but was not felt to be safe enough for use. For many years,
neurosurgeons and neuroradiologists preferred to inject by hand.