Historical information

This shirt was owned by Matthew Calvitto. Matthew moved to Woodend with his family at the age of one. He commenced his career in the 56th Battalion Army Reserve unit. In 1999 or early 2000 he volunteered to join the regular Army. He was posted to the 6th Royal Australian Army Regiment, D company. His initial training was at either Shaulwater Bay or Conundra. After his training he served for 6 months in Timor, in either the second or third rotation. Matthew and the other members of the D Company received battle honours. Matthew was their forward scout, as well as a marksman, which you need to qualify for every year.


As an item that belonged to Matthew Calvitto, a local Woodend veteran who received battle honour for his service in Timor, this shirt has social and historic significance. The provenance of the item is know as it was donated by family members. The item is also represenantive of a type of military shirt that was issued to Army personnel during the late 20th century. The item is also in very good condition.

Physical description

Khaki short sleeved shirt with a short pointed collar and two front chest pockets. Each pocket is fastened with one semi opaque beige plastic button. There are seven identical buttons that fasten the front of the shirt. Each shoulder has an epoulette that fastens with one of these plastic buttons near the neck.

Inscriptions & markings

yellow D company 6th royal australian regiment. red a collectors item infantry or military police or 4th battalion, blue 1 royal victorian regiment.