Historical information

Edith (Alice) Watson (1914–2010) studied at the Ballarat Technical Art School, at the School of Mines Ballarat, from 1930 until 1933.
Watson was warmly regarded in her home town, Murtoa, easily winning local fundraiser, ‘Most Popular Girl’ in 1936.

Upon graduating, Watson taught at the Murtoa High School, living with her parents until their deaths 1972 and 1988. Watson was 74 years old.
Alice Watson died in Ballarat, aged 95, having conserved her beautiful student folio.

Alice's comprehensive folio of Ballarat Technical Art School work is held by the University's Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre.

Physical description

A cardboard box containing items used by Alice Watson to produce paintings. The items included are: tubes of oil colour; two paint palettes; paint brushes; imperial measure tape measure; pencils; an erasure; two pencil sharpeners; a roll of brown, gummed tape; small, round container of various pins; a State Savings Bank Victoria ruler; and a collection of scraps of artists paper held together with a metal clip which includes a list of paint colour names and a design tracing of a fuschia.
There is a small, plywood, stretching board.