Physical description

Collection of various family and personal documents, photographs, and early 1900s greeting cards. Papers of Gwen Reed from Edith Graham of Ware Cres, Ringwood East. (Provided by Nicki Shea, Granddaughter of Stan & Jo Bridgman of Eastwood Cycles)
Hand-written notes – Woodford Family Tree, by Gwen Reed
Autograph book with entries "To Gwen"
Bookmark - with name "Lorrie B"
Christmas card to May with love from George 1906
Christmas card from May to George 1906
Christmas card from Edie to Gwen (Cousin Ede)
Christmas card from Dot to Gwen 1925 (from Dot Grundy, dc'd)
Christmas card from Ollie S to Gwen 1924
Happy New Year card to Gwen from Grandma (Woodford)
Christmas card from Mum & Ethel to Gwen 1926
Christmas card to Gwen from Emily (Gawith, Jeparit East)
Christmas card from Olive to Gwen 1919 (Olive Janetski, Jeparit East)
Christmas card from Hilda (Obst) to Gwen 1929
Postcard to Miss G Woodford "Bygalorie Park" Tullibigeal PO NSW (To Gwen from Effie - Effie Robson, Jeparit East)
Christmas card to Gwennie from C. S. Graham 1915 (School teacher)
Christmas card from Mum to May & George
Christmas postcard from Grandfather to Gwenny
Christmas card to Dear Daddie from Gwen
Christmas card from May with love to George
Christmas card from Nellie Parker (Nell Rodgers - Albury) to Gwen 1924
Greeting card from Hilda to Gwen 1919 (Hilda Obst Jeparit East)
Christmas card from Ethel to Gwen 1927
Christmas card from Anne (MCGrath) to Gwen
Christmas card from S. Hoober(?) (School teacher, Bygalorie) to Mr & Mrs Woodford, Gwen & Ollie) 1924
Christmas card from May and George to Mum and Dad 1925
Christmas card to Gwen Syd & Family from May Dad & Kiddies (Stepmother)
Christmas card from George to May 1907 
Postcard (signed Dulcie) to Mrs G. Reed, 9 Laurence Grove, East Ringwood Vic 3055 postmarked 1993
Envelope (only) addressed to Mrs. G. Reed, 9 Laurence Grove, Ringwood East Vic. 3135
Birth Certificate District of Balmoral, Victoria – Sonia Woodford b.1856 (Issued 1987)
Death Certificate District of Stawell, Vic – Archibald Brown d.1914
Marriage Certificate District of Hamilton, Vic – John Brown & Margaret Dale m.1895
Coroner’s Post-Mortem report – Edward John Reed d.1981
Family Data Tree (Family Tree) William Walker/Elizabeth Silk, Hamilton Vic & children b.1842-1862
Newspaper clipping – May & Archibald Brown drowned at North Hamilton, 1887
Pictorial Souvenir – Selected Views of Mount Gambier to Miss L. Boyce, postmarked 1959
Hand-written poems/song lyrics by Gwen Reed (4 pages)
Newspaper extract - Weekly Times Magazine Section “At Hamilton”, 1937
Photograph – “My mother standing with Foster parents”
Photograph of Gracie (?) Grandma (?) Murray (?)
Photograph of costumed performers
Photograph of child
Photograph of lady at John Mansell dispensary (Chemist at Forest Hill Vic?)
Postcard photograph – Gwen & Ethel Woodford
Photograph of grave – Victoria May Woodford (died 1957 aged 56 years)
Photograph of grave – William Woodford and Sarah Woodford
Photograph of un-named male
Photograph of baby on chair
Photograph – “Myself. Hope you like it May"
Photograph (colour) – un-named group on train at Currumbin Qld
Photograph – 2 un-named girls

Inscriptions & markings

Autographs include
Arthur Young
Rosie Sturgess
Joff Ellen
Carlu Carter
Toni Lamond
Dick Curtis
Billy Daniels
Margaret Whiting
Horrie Dargie
Duo Moreno
Therese Talbert
Richard Gray
Three Apollos
Robert Leeman