Historical information

1. Draft chronology - Eltham Primary School Chronology 1856-1995; Harry Gilham (EDHS) 1995
127 pages, A4 photocopies
This collection of memorabilia has a focus on the Eltham State School No. 209. It was prepared to help celebrate the 140th year of the school's existence on its original land grant of 1856, which appeared on the first surveyed land for the formation of the Town of Eltham, in the Parish of Nillumbik, County of Evelyn, granted by the then Government of New South Wales. It is inscribed in Harry Gilham's writing on page 1 - "For Eltham P.S Chronology 209 - 150th Anniv. book; Harry Gilham Collection; Unpublished" and stamped "Eltham District Historical Society"
Pages 3 and 4 missing.
This manuscript was a major source reference for the book "We Did Open A School In Little Eltham; Eltham Primary School 209, 1856-2006, A History"
Source references from Inspector's Register of State Schools; photocopies held by EDHS in A3 binders

2. Renovation of Eltham Primary School Residence; Application of a Grant from National Estate Grants program, 17 April 1989
10 pages A4 photocopy

3. Wayfinding In The Environment; The role of aesthetics research in participatory planning design by Victoria Sharp for the School of Environmental Planning, The University of Melbourne, February 1987
4 pages, A4 photocopy extracts copied include:
Spefic Design Concerns p37 (relative to Eltham Gateway)
Summary p38

4. File Record, State School No 209 - Eltham; National Trust of Australia File No B3260; 29 March 2000
1 page A4

5. Notes by Harry Gilham concerning Eltham State School No 209
1 page handwritten lined pad sheet

6. Notes by Harry Gilham concerning Eltham State School No 209 and feedback on 150th Anniversary book
1 page, A4 green

Physical description

144 A4 pages

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