Historical information

The Paravics Sports Club, now known as Disability Sport and Recreation Victoria, was formed in 1962 to help a group of eight athletes with disability compete in national and international sporting competitions. Apart from its goal for advocating for greater sporting and recreation opportunities for disabled athletes, Paravics / Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Association of Victoria also sought to bring awareness and advocacy to the general needs of wheelchair bound persons.

The newsletter, the first for 1972, includes numerous news items, including:

- Cyril Thomas being congratulated by Paravics on his receiving an M.B.E.
- A call for ideas for social events, as well as news of social events.
- A walkathon - wheelathon fundraiser.
- News on the upcoming Paralympics to be held in Heidelberg, Germany

With the introduction of the metric system in Australia, Paravics attempted to use the adoption of the metric system for a fundraising campaign called "mark a metre", which included a poster attached to the newsletter.

Physical description

Three photocopied sheets (6 pages, double-sided), two of the sheets are off-white, and the last sheet is pale orange. Stapled together in the top right-hand corner.

Inscriptions & markings

As well as three pages of news, this newsletter includes a poster for Paravics "Mark a Metre" fundraising campaign,