Physical description

Scanned, searchable PDF of photocopy version. 49 pages. Provided by Peter Vergers (junior) through Neville Burns.

Inscriptions & markings

Not sure of author - either David Penny or Peter Alford, as per inscriptions on the document. Covering the years from 1901 to 1980. Also partially on RCC website -|37459h. Note that the last paragraph of page 44 should read, "While the 4th Eleven Pennant was intended to close up this brief history, we cannot possibly finish without the tremendous news that in 1979/80, the fourths again got into the Final again led by Jim Myerscough and again won. They were set 295 runs to win and finished with 9/296. Plenty of heart attack and blood pressure material there! The star performer was Stephen Crump who made 138. While he would be the last to agree there is little doubt that the "Myerscough" guidance and skill played a major part in the victory and history will show that many of these lads gained enormously from Jim’s guidance and would go on to outstanding individual successes with the club." Also note that much of the Ringwood history seems to have been copied from the "Place of Many Eagles" book. Some further research on Trove has revealed that a Ringwood team was playing in 1886.