Historical information

Prior to the sealing of the Kiewa Valley Highway in 1950, all heavy road stock including building materials, farm equipment and other heavy machinery had to be transported via railway lines to either Albury, Wodonga or Bright and then transported overland for the remainder of the distance by wagon on rough, poorly made roads. Trains also services the mining industries of the Ovens Valley and the transportation of tourists to Mount Buffalo and the very popular Mount Buffalo Chalet.


Steam trains were a major form of transport for rural community members prior to the introduction of road
transport. Local producers including farmers relied on rail transport to send and receive essential building equipment, farming produce, materials, stock and mail to maintain their lifestyles and social connections with the outside world.

Physical description

3 black and white photographs of a building being transported by steam train. Photos show the train in three progressively closer photos. Photo shows a man standing in the doorway at the controls of the train, 3 figures, possibly children leaning out of the window of the carriage and another man, standing on the tracks with hands on hips. Photo could have been taken in Tallangatta, Cudgewa or Ebden near Lake Hume where trains were a major form of transport prior to the 1950’s.

Inscriptions & markings

No markings