Historical information

John Lundy-Clarke grew up in the Kalorama/Mt Dandenong area and later in life (1972-74) began to write a comprehensive history of the area working from an original settlement map in an effort to cover all areas. Barbers Bridge was named after George Barber, an early settler.

Physical description

Black and white photograph showing a man standing on a bridge over the Olinda Creek. 1910

Inscriptions & markings

Handwritten n reverse: Barbers Bridge on Olinda Creek 1910. This was a ford crossed by the road after Isaac Jeeves selected allotment “C” “Jeeves Saddle” in 1871 and stopped travel through his property. The bridge has been built several times but at time of writing (1974) is replaced by a culvert consisting of two pipes two feet six inches wide. They are quite incapable of carrying the maximum flow of the creek and will be swept away.