Historical information

Edward John Price was a son of early settler Edward Joseph Price. Edward Joseph was the first settler in the Village Settlement when he took out Lot 1, Section 1. He built a small home of slabs and brought his family up in 1896. From the outset the Price family ran a store from their home.This picture, taken 1914, shows Edward John Price on his pony delivering papers from his parent's newsagency that was opposite 'Mountjoy' guesthouse on Ridge Road. He was taking them to Lily Badenhop's post office in Blythe's Road. The section of road he is on was called Main Road and is now Falls Road.

Physical description

Black and white photograph showing a man on horseback in the centre of an unmade road that is running into the distance.Trees, a fence and houses can be seen with hills in the background. Reverse of photograph has handwritten description by John Lundy-Clarke.

Inscriptions & markings

On Front
On Reverse
Looking down Falls Road then the main road in 1914. Before Frank Craig built The Fron (1918). Dunbar’s house Halcyon on left of road. The hall on its right with Keogh’s sheds showing further in the trees. The horseman is Edward John Price who delivered the daily papers to Lil Badenhop’s shop. The bag he carried them in can be seen hanging from the saddle pommel. The first road formation can be seen on the bank to the right. The road seen was constructed 1905 by Bill McGivern.