Historical information

These magazines published articles on health for the family giving up to date information with diagrams on common health problems. Magazines with written Information was subscribed to by families at the time as transport and technology was not readily available in remote areas.


The Upper Kiewa Valley situated in a remote part of Victoria didn't have easy access to health information. These magazines were available to farmers in the Kiewa Valley and to the workers and their families during the construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme from the 1940s. With the introduction of improved transport and technology magazines eventually became less popular as a source of information. They are of interest in that they indicate the medical knowledge of the time and can thus be compared to current day knowledge.

Physical description

11 magazines with colorful covers and the occassional colored picture inside. Each has 32 pages. Periodicals - March, may, July, Sept, Nov. 1951 & jan. 1952. Also - Jan-Feb., Sept-Oct. 1973 and Mar, July-aug. 1974
Also Australian Women's Weekly supplement magazine 'Family Medical Guide' March 1962 with 47 pages. Inserted is a 16 page supplement (also Women's Weekly) dated Aug. 1976 titled 'Poison & First Aid