Historical information

Falls Creek is a Ski Resort in the north east of Victoria. This brochure has been produced to encourage tourists to visit throughout the year.


Tourism to the Kiewa Valley is an important industry for the area. Falls Creek is a ski resort with accommodation during winter for skiers, snow boarders and other snow sports. It involves entertainment, restaurants and associated workers. This brochure is produced to promote the resort throughout the year to increase the occupancy of these lodges. The tourist industry has increased steadily with fishing, cycling and bush walking increasing numbers in the area.

Physical description

Glossy square brochure folded in in half and half again. Front page is yellow on the left with black print on the far left. The right side has the title with blue, green and grey background with yellow, orange and white as part of the title. The back is a man standing in front of a sunset with print in a column towards the right side. Inside includes a map with advertisements for accommodation surrounding it.