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3 pictures of Queen Elizabeth I I - Framed pictures of Queen Elizabeth 2 (3 off)

From the Collection of Lara RSL Sub Branch McClelland Ave Lara Victoria

990.1 Gold framed picture of Her majesty The Queen.
990-2 White painted Framed picture of Queen Elizabeth I I.
990.3 gold with White trim Framed picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
990.1 W. 24.8 cm H. 32.0 cm 990.2 W, 37.7 cm H. 47.8 cm 990.3 W. 41.0 cm H. 53.0 cm
Object Registration
queen elizabeth pictures
Historical information
Lara R.S.L. Queen Elizabeth II pictures ( 3 off ) used thoughout rooms.
Inscriptions & Markings
990.1 Front Title " Her Majesty he Queen" Rear Donate by EX-Woff _ M A. Phelan , A119099 - R.A,A. F.
990.2 No Markings Picture has a cream colored cardboard surround.
990.3 Title "Her Majesty queen Elizabeth II"
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16 Apr 2020 at 9:28AM