Historical information

Earle Christmas Grafton Page served at Prime Minister 7-26 April 1939. The Prime Ministers Avenue is a collection of bronze bust portraits of the Prime Ministers of Australia, located at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens in Ballarat, Victoria. The Prime Ministers' portraits are commissioned after the incumbent term of each Prime Minister by the City of Ballarat. The City of Ballarat has taken responsibility for commissioning the busts after funds set aside by politician Richard Armstrong Crouch were exhausted in 2014. Crouch originally donate money to pay for six busts, the first of which was unveiled in 1940. The collection of prime ministers' busts are unique in Australia, representing the only sculptural portrait collection of all past Australian Prime Ministers. The different styles used reflect the unique artistic practices of the selected artists; textures, sizes and features and proportions are used by the artists to interpret the characteristics of each of the subjects.


The artwork is of historic and aesthetic significance to the people of Ballarat

Physical description

Bronze bust cast on granite plinth

Inscriptions & markings

Earle Christmas Grafton Page
Prime Minister