Historical information

Although the portrait of Graham is still in existence, the rest of the memorbilia on the wall is no longer in the hands of the Association.

Physical description

Members of the Old Colonists' Association in the Old Colonists' Hall.

Front Row (left to Right): Messrs. S. Walker, J. T. Sleep, W. H. Stokeld, J. A. Blight (Trustees), R.U. Nicholls (Vice-President), Wm. Robertson (Vice-President). E. E. Llewellyn (Councillor). Mrs. R. Smith, Messrs, A. Sheppard, J. T. Clarke. Second Row: Messrs. J. Lamb, T. W. Scott, S. Walmsley, C. Robinson, G. R. Coutts, J. Lammin, A. W. Crowe, J. Don, W, G. Chalmers, J, Jones, C. Simpson, A. M. Palmer, H. Fields, W. Trahar, H. C. Handford. Third Row: Messrs. S. Walsh, A. Cant, J. Nicholls, J. Longstaff, A. Robertson, J. Welham, J. King, C. E. Wright, J. Pounder, C. R. Anderson, G. Merz, and D. M. Paterson.