Historical information

In the photograph are the Rice family, Billy Nixon' family and Charlie Johnston.
William Nixon, son of James Nixon and Alice (Roberts) Nixon was married to Ilma Muriel (Cadwallader) Nixon on 2 Apr 1902 in Orbost. They had six children - Llewella Adele (Nixon) King, Sydney William Columbo Nixon, Arthur Harry Nixon, Jack Warton Nixon, Claudine Frances (Nixon) Taylor and Daphne Joyce (Nixon) Menz
Damage estimated at £500,000 was caused by the 1934 floods in the Orbost district. This 1934 flood was devastating, destroying a section of the 1922 Orbost bridge, wrecking fences, bridges and roads, dumping silt and debris on the rich river flats and drowning cattle. Note: although this card has the date 1934 written onto the rear, the flood incident depicted most likely dates from 1920 (ref. Weekly Times, Saturday 6 March 1920 p 41 when this photo was printed).


This item is a pictorial record of a flood in 1920 (ref. Weekly Times, Saturday 6 March 1920 p41). Snowy River flood are a feature of the Orbost area. These floods cover the rich agricultural land.

Physical description

A black / white photograph / postcard of a group of people standing in floodwaters outside a timber building. Included are young children and babies being held by women. Two boys are holding dogs in front of them.

Inscriptions & markings

on back - "Billy Nixon's house (now Downys 1991)"