Historical information

Erected in the township of Miners Rest in 1920 in remembrance of fallen soldiers, this granite plinth cenotaph stands at the West end of an Avenue of Honour with 25 trees. The memorial is of Harcourt colonial granite, with bronze face plates, and contains the names of twenty-four soldiers of the district who sacrificed their lives at war. The monument was designed by the well-known sculptor, Mr F. W. Commons, and the work executed by returned soldiers employed at his studio on Creswick Road, Ballarat.


The memorial is of historic and social significance to the people of Ballarat

Physical description

Granite stone memorial including plaques on a bluestone base. 4 smaller granite posts and flag pole.

Inscriptions & markings

In honour of our men of this district who gave their lives in the great war 1914-19. Duty Nobly Done. Erected by residents A.D.1920.
Unveiled by Sir A. J. Peacock K.C.M.C., M.L.A. 23rd May 1920
Soldiers named; L.C. Blackman, D.G. Chisholm, J. Dowie, D. Dobson, H. Fisher, A.E. Gray, E.S. Holgate, H.S. Holgate, A. Kennedy, W.C. Kilfeder, G.A. Loader, H.R. Lonsdale, W. Miller, P. Morgan, C.A. Morrison, J. McDonald, N. McKenzie, L. Pollock, W.G. Pollock, A. Robertson, C.F. Shelton, P.J. Shelton, G.F. Smith, J.T. Swain.