Historical information

Ned Williams was born in Bristol, England in 1825 and died at Ballarat 7 September 1900. Ned took a leading role in transforming what was a swamp (Yuille's Swamp) into the modern day Lake Wendouree. Ned was the establishment and promotion of water sports on the lake, he was well liked in the community and highly regarded as a leading citizen, an athlete, a sportsman and as an oarsman. This memorial was commissioned on his passing in 1900.


The item is of aesthetic and historic significance to the people of Ballarat

Physical description

A Carrara marble fountain on a basalt base. Eight tiers of marble, the central element is bordered by four pillars with decorative capitals on top. The pillars and capitals are secured with copper allot rod at the upper junction and ferrous rods at the base. Once had a working drinking fountain.

Inscriptions & markings

Created by the friends of Edward King (Ned) Williams in commemoration of his qualities as a pioneer citizen, oarsman, athlete, and sportsman. Ned Williams Born at Bristol England November 4th 1825, Died at Ballarat September 7th 1900. His heart was kind and true. He took a leading part in transforming Wendouree, from a swampy waste into a picturesque lake and was ever foremost in establishing and promoting aquatic and other manly sports.