Historical information

Ballarat son Robert O’Hara Burke and his good mate William John Wills are commemorated in the Burke & Wills
Fountain. This memorial to the famous explorers also features the names of those who assisted their ill-fated crossing of Australia. The fountain was once lit with gas and stocked with goldfish and tortoises.


The fountain is of historic and aesthetic significance to the people of Ballarat

Physical description

Bluestone and cast metal fountain

Inscriptions & markings

Robert O'Hara Burke, Leader, Died 30th June, 1861. William John Wills, Second, Died 39th June, 1861. Ludwig Becker, Naturalist, Died 29th April, 1861. Charles Grey, Assistant, Died 17th April, 1861.
John King the only survivor of the EXPEDITION Died at St Kilda January 13th 1872.
In Memory of the explorers who perished while crossing the Australian Continent in the year 1861.
Erected by the Inhabitants of Ballarat.