Historical information

Bivouac Hut was built in 1935 on the Northern end of Mt. Bogong, on the Staircase Spur, about halfway to the summit. It was funded by Cleve Cole and he arranged for Walter Maddison to build it. Cleve Cole dedicated his life to the mountains and wanted to make them safer to visit - more huts and improved maps, pole lines and tracks. He perished in the winter of 1936 after attempting to make the first winter crossing from Mt. Hotham to Mt. Bogong on skis. The two others with him, Howard Michell and Mick Hull survived. The weather conditions were extreme at the time and having made the summit of Mt. Bogong they then became disorientated in the blizzard and came down the southern end of Bogong instead of the northern end . Howard Michell made it out to Glen Valley, a small mining town, to get help. Mick and Cleve were carried out on rough bush stretchers and Cleve died a few hours later. The Summit Hut was funded by Howard Michell and built in the 1940's. It was deliberately burnt down in the early 1980's. Bivouac hut was rebuilt in the 1980's.


These photographs are of historical significance. Both huts were funded by experienced bushwalkers to provide shelter from the weather and so make walking and skiing in the area safer. They are both now gone with Bivouac being replaced with a more modern structure but there is nothing left of the Summit Hut.

Physical description

5 coloured photographs, A4 in size, 4 near the summit of Mt. Bogong (Three of the Summit Hut) and one of Bivouac Hut on the Staircase Spur leading up to the summit.

Inscriptions & markings

1. Hand written in ink on back of Photo - "Mt. Bogong Sep. 1976' - all underlined. Below this "Staircase Spur Hut The bloke in the hat me (David Jones)". 2. Handwritten in ink on back of photo - "Mt. Bogong winter 1970" (underlined). Underneathe "Same old Hut". 3. Handwritten in ink "Mt. Bogong Jan. 1969" (Underlined) Underneath "Tawonga Saddle looking towards the Summit". 4.Handwritten in ink back of photo "Mt. Bogong Jan. 1969" (underlined) Old hut near Summit, since removed, at the top of Staircase Spur. View looking out over Kiewa Valley." 5.Hand written on back of photo "Mt. Bogong Jan. 1969" (Underlined). Underneath - " Same old Hut (Staircase Spur) early morning".