Historical information

Gladys Reed was a member of the Ormond Choral Society c 1950. who performed plays and musicals in the City of Moorabbin and she made this nightdress c1950
Crepe de Chine, also spelled Crêpe De Chine, (French: “crepe of China”), light and fine plain woven dress fabric in silk, wool, or synthetic fibre fabric with a distinctively crisp, crimped appearance produced either with all-silk warp and weft or else with a silk warp and hard-spun worsted weft. This material was easy to sew, wash and dry and required no ironing . .


This crepe de chine nightdress is an example of the popular style worn by women in the post World War 11 Estates in the City of Moorabbin c1950

Physical description

A lady's floral crepe de chine, full length, nightdress with shoulder straps and waist ties