Historical information

Victorian and Edwardian ladies adorned their hats with various bird feathers. Although living conditions in Moorabbin Shire c1910, were basic families still held onto their traditional English and European customs and took pride in presenting elements of refined society. Gladys Reed was a member of the Ormond Choral Society c 1950. who performed plays and musicals the City of Moorabbin and she was skilled in craftwork, hand knitting, crochet and dressmaking. Her garments were used by her family and the Ormond Choral Society


C1910 Women in Moorabbin Shire followed the fashion from Europe and made their own clothes and accessories using their dressmaking, craftwork and design skills

Physical description

8 x feathers of various sizes and colours for adorning a Lady's hat c 1910
a) Blue & b) White Ostrich, c) Black Cockerel, d) Black Emu Feathers. e) Brown stripped Coque Diamond Tail f) Pink dyed ostrich, g) Black duck, h) black fur