Historical information

Goongerah is a community on the Brodribb River, located in Gippsland, about seventy kilometres north of Orbost. The town's population is about sixty. Goongerah Post Office opened on 21 November 1952 and closed in 1974. Goongerah had one of the smallest primary schools in Victoria, with about 11 students. The school no longer functions.
These newsletters were produced by members of the community and distributed locally.


In small rural communities newsletters have been important tools for facilitating community development while fostering a sense of belonging and attachment to the community.

Physical description

A yellow plastic covered folder containing black / white printed newsletters. There are fifteen copies of "Goongerah Community News" and thirty-nine copies of "Goongerah Grapevine". All include news from the C.F.A., Forest News and articles from Goongerah Primary School.

Inscriptions & markings

label on front- "COMMUNITY NEWSLETTERS Goongerah 1998 - 2005"