Historical information

Following council amalgamations, a series of community consultations were undertaken in 1995 to inform the development of a cohesive vision for the newly formed Shire of Nillumbik. A response to the new conditions which people of the Eltham/Diamond Creek/Greensborough and surrounding rural areas found themselves in as a result of the decision by the Victorian Government to amalgamate local governments into larger entities.

The case for these reforms was strong, but the amalgamation process did disrupt some people's lives.The need to bring together the people within the new boundaries of Nillumbik was recognised by the Commissioners and the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire, who felt that a good way to begin was to develop a future vision for the Shire.

It was decided that the people of the Shire should be asked what they wanted their future to be and a process of consultation was established through which people could express their views.

Contents: Part One: Introduction, Nillumbik 1995 -what we thought, Nillumbik - thinking the future, Creatng a Nillumbik Community, Nillumbik's assets, Goals for Nillumbik 2020. Part Two: A sustainable society, population and density, the built environment, town and community centres, transport, agriculture, rural Nillumbik, Arts and cultural activity, the younger generation, Nillumbik's elders, planning for the disabled and health and well-being.

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