Historical information

Dubbed from original recording with introduction by Joh Ebeli 2002 General chit chat and banter between Joh Ebeli and Alan Marshall on various current affairs, matters of the past and artists and Joh's method of sculpture production. Topics include gold prospecting, Smith's Gully, Politician Jim Cairns, artists Neil Douglas and Pablo Picasso. See also EDHS_00666 colour photo of Alan taken by Joh Ebeli and EDHS_02441 photo of plaster cast model

Physical description

Compact audio cassette TDK D60 IEC I/Type I Converted to MP3 file; 33.8MB, 0:32:19 Case labelled "Alan Marshall talks while Joh Ebeli is sculpting his face in #1977 - in his bungalow in Eltham"