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Audio Compact Cassette Tape - Audio Recording; Garnet Burges, Frank Burgoyne and Jock Read reminisce about earlier times in Eltham, 2 June 1988

From the Collection of Eltham District Historical Society Inc 728 Main Rd Eltham Victoria

Three compact cassette audio tapes, TDK D60.
Each tape labeled "G.B., F.B., J.R. 2/6/88" with Copy 1, 2 or 3 of 3 and "Dolby B"
Location of Copy 1 to be determined
Also Compact Disc with two MP3 files, copies of Sides A and B of Compact Cassette No. 1.

Converted to MP3 files:
EDHS_05005-1, Tape 1, Side A; 41.7MB; 0:30:25
EDHS_05005-2, Tape 1, Side B; 41.8MB; 0:30:27
EDHS_05005-3, Tape 2, Side A; 42.3MB; 0:30:51
EDHS_05005-4, Tape 2, Side B; 42.4MB; 0:30:52
EDHS_05005-5, Tape 3, Side A; 42.2MB; 0:30:44
EDHS_05005-6, Tape 3, Side B; 10.2MB; 0:07:29
EDHS_05005, Tapes 1-3; 184MB; 2:40:47
Object Registration
audio cassette, audio recording, eltham, frank burgoyne, garnet burges, jock read, oral history
Historical information
Long time Eltham identities, Garnet Burges, Frank Burgoyne and Jock Read reminisce about Eltham in earlier years and comparisons with that of 1988. Facillitated by unidentified younger man.
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27 May 2020 at 1:50PM