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black and white photographs

From the Collection of Orbost & District Historical Society Ruskin Street Orbost Victoria

Nine small black / white photographs of flood damage,
H-65mm W-110mm
Object Registration
orbost-flood-1934 flood-orbost
Historical information
These are photographs taken during the 1934 flood at Orbost.
From The Argus (Melbourne) on January 10 1934 "Damage estimated at £500,000 has been caused by the floods in the Orbost district. No loss of life occurred, largely owing to the heroic efforts of rescue parties. Many families spent Monday night on the roofs of houses or in trees, surrounded by deep, rushing flood waters."
This 1934 flood was devastating, destroying a section of the 1922 Orbost bridge - the centre span was washed away -. wrecking fences, bridges and roads, dumping silt and debris on the rich river flats and drowning cattle.
When Made
January 1934
These photographs are pictorial records of the 1934 floods at Orbost, a significant event in the history of Orbost.
Inscriptions & Markings
3253.2 on back - "Waters rushing down Princes Highway and....of......where you see the waves"
3253.3 on back - "rushing flood waters over Lochiel Park Bridge approach at the rear of picture 1934"
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