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Material relating to the Shire of Eltham War Memorial located at Garden Hill, Kangaroo Ground. Also known as The Eltham Shire War Memorial Tower, Shire of Eltham Soldiers' Memorial and Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park. Includes photocopies, newspaper clippings, correspondence and more beginning from early history 1919-2009.


Archive Box 1

Folder 1 (Publication Proofs)
The Tower of Remembrance and War Memorial Park On Garden Hill at Kangaroo Ground, Victoria 1919-2010

Folder 2 (Up to 1960)
1. Binder with plastic pockets. Photocopies. Minutes of the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Bazaar Committee, 1922-1926
EDHS Newsletter No. 123 November 1998
Recently found in a storage box of old Shire of Eltham items was a school size, blue lined black covered writing book.
It is recognized as the minute book and cash receipt book of the period 1922-1926 when the Memorial Park Committee, who it seems were part of the Shire of Eltham Soldier's Memorial League, was requested to raise funds for building the Shire of Eltham War Memorial Tower at Kangaroo Ground. History tells us that the tower, which is currently being refurbished, was officially opened by the Governor General of Australia, Lord Stonehaven on 11.11.26.
The ladies invited to the first meeting at the Shire Hall did so on 21st September 1922. The minutes book reads:
Mesdames Bell, Bourchier, McMahon, Gosling, Cockcroft, Wraight, E Coutie, R Rogers, A Jones, AH White, Davies, Everitt and the Misses Lacey, Harris, N Weller, Gosling, Bell and D and G J Bourchier.
These people became the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Bazaar Committee along with others named at further meetings. They conditionally accepted the role of raising funds, their condition being that the Bazaar Committee be given representation on any committee empowered to deal with the memorial in proportion to the amount of money raised by the bazaar'.
The Andrew Ross Museum has the original book. We at Eltham District Historical Society have two photocopies for public perusal.
2. Transcriptions of newspaper articles 1919-1920. 6 pages.
3. Photocopy of program for thanksgiving service July 6th, 1919 held at Public Hall, Panton Hill.
4. Photocopies:
a. Kangaroo Ground, The Advertiser, 17 Oct 1919 (working bee)
b. The Advertiser August 1920 – advertisement for coach between Eltham and KG.
c. Anzac Memorial Service, The Eltham & Whittlesea Shires Advertiser & Diamond Creek Advertiser, April 14, 1922 and April 28, 1922
d. Anzac Day services. April 27, 1923
e. Photocopy Anzac Commemoration, local newspaper, May 2, 1924
f. Shire of Eltham Memorial Service, The Advertiser April 23, 1926
g. Eltham Shire War Memorial Advertiser August 13,1926
h. Eltham Shire War Memorial The Advertiser October 26, 1926
i. Eltham The Advertiser, December 17, 1926
j. Kangaroo Ground April 26, 1929
5. Photocopy. Eltham War Memorial Tower article, The Advertiser, November 19, 1926
6. Typed transcription of parts of newspaper articles for three titles, November 1926
7. Transcription. Public Notice, October 16, 1926
8. Photocopy Kangaroo Ground Armistice Day local newspaper, November 25, 1927
9. Photocopy Kangaroo Ground Armistice Day local newspaper, November 16, 1928
10. Photocopy Kangaroo Ground, local newspaper, April 26 1929
11. 3 Original Copies. One Hardback. Dedication of memorial official brochure, 1951 original but damaged
12. Photocopy with notes from G.G. relating to the land transfer/acquisition/contract via White and Gepp.

Folder 3 (1961-1970)
1. Original newspaper article: Place with a view at Kangaroo Ground, The Age, May 11, 1963, p18

Folder 4 (1981-1990)
1. Newspaper article, Memorial a fire watch. Diamond Valley News, March 16, 1982, 2 original copies.
2. Newspaper article. An Obvious Monument by Russell Yeoman article with photo: Network Nov/Dec 1984, p14.

Folder 5 (1991-2000)
1. Original newspaper article: “Kangaroo Ground Tower is top spot”. Thought to be from a tourist information free newspaper, Mountain Country, Summer [1993] p39.
2. Newspaper article with reference to quoins – a contrasting edging or corner stone on the façade of a stone or brick house. Age August 2000
3. Program. Service program for Remembrance Day commemoration ceremony, 1996.
4. Speech by Harry Gilham for Remembrance Day commemoration ceremony, 1996
5. Newspaper article: Remembrance, Diamond Valley News, 20 November 1996
6. Word Document. A Tower of Strength by Dean Stewart April 1997
7. Newspaper articles: Tower group needed, Diamond Valley News, September 17, 1997, p3 and advertisement “Nillumbik, Nominations for Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower and Grounds Advisory Committee”, Diamond Valley News, September 17, 1997
8. Newspaper article: Council apology; scaling new heights, 1997 about Aboriginal Reconciliation. Probably Diamond Valley News ca 1997.
9. Photocopy / Newspaper Article: Two newspaper clippings, “Memorial with a view” 30 April 1997 and “Funds boost to restore tower to its former glory”, Diamond Valley News, 3 December 1997.
10. Newspaper article: Kangaroo Ground Tower of Remembrance Nillumbik Mail, 9th August 2000 and Research notes (July 2000) by Harry Gilham pertaining to photo in August 2000 newspaper article.
11. Photocopy. Newspaper article: New lease of life for tower (Concept plan) Nillumbik Mail, September 27, 2000
12. Photocopy: 4 pages, War Memorials of Victoria; a pictorial record, c.1994

Folder 6 (2001-2010)
1. Newspaper article: $10,000 to start refurbishment, Nillumbik Mail, Feb 21, 2001
2. Circular. KG War Memorial Advisory committee circular August 2001
3. Newspaper article: Tower group retained
4. Program for re-dedication of the Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Tower 8th November 2001 with copies of pages 65-70 of from The Tower of Remembrance and War Memorial Park 1919-2001 (see Folder 1) - Speaking notes from the day from Nillumbik Shire Mayor, Cr. Sigmund Jorgensen and Harry Gilham and Speech by John Landy, Governor of Victoria
5. 2 pages of Harry Gilham notes – Draft of ‘book’ notes ‘Thank you’ for rededication ceremony to be held Thursday, Nov 8, 2001 - list of invitations, notifications and acknowledgements.
6. Proposed running sheet. Re-dedication of KGT. November 8, 2001
7. Newspaper article (2 copies) Century of war service, DVL November 14, 2001 page 6
8. Letter. Gov. John Landy to Harry Gilham. Thank you for visit. [2001]
9. Newsletter Clipping: Governor of Victoria re-dedicates KG War memorial Tower, Nillumbik News (NSC) Christmas 2001
10. Newspaper article: War Memorial to be restored: DVL November 19, 2003
11. Newspaper article: Memorial Facelift Sept 29 2004.
12. Folder. Collection of maps and context Yarra Water proposal to build water tanks
13. Newspaper clipping. Pressure on with new tank. Re installation of water tank near site. DVL March 2, 2005
14. Folder of emails and designs from Dennis Ward re poppies and prostrate rosemary for formal garden around base of tower April 2005
15. Folder. Letters and paperwork re the Victorian Government “Community Cabinet” and invitation for community groups to speak directly with a government minister. Actual submission not included in folder.
16. Newspaper clipping. Time to remember among the poppies, Diamond Valley Leader, 9 November 2005, p1 and
17. Newspaper clipping. Lone pine company for souls. DVL 9 November 2005
18. Folder. Restoring Community War Memorials Grants Program. Application and associated paperwork 2005/2006 January 2006
19. Newspaper article. Shared views. Valley Weekly, June 21 2006
20. Newspaper article: Kangaroo Ground, Restoration on schedule, DVL October 2006?
21. Newspaper article. Towering over the terrain. The Age August 8, 2009
22. Photocopy. Nillumbik Shire Council. Policy and service report re lease of land to Victoria Police for police radio communications and re-building of radio tower. December 9, 2009
23. Schematics: A3 photocopies, Kangaroo Ground memorial Tower, front and rear view, Tom Manley, 17 Apr 2001

Folder 7 (2011 on)
1. Magazine article and cover. Cover story – The Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower, The Genealogist, March 2010
2. Newspaper article. (2 copies) Photo and caption. Diamond Valley Leader, July 14, 2010
3. Newspaper notice: Notice of application for a planning permit to construct radio communications tower, DVL, October 10, 2012
4. Copy. Reference enquiry to National Film and Sound Archive. 10 September 2012
5. Copy letter. Quotation/estimate for Shire of Nillumbik on renovation and underpinning of old care takers cottage, KG. 30 September, 2012
6. Story. The Kangaroo Ground Tower of Remembrance by Amy Shaw. Yarrambat Primary School Year 6 History speech, 2014.
7. Program: Remembrance Day service, 11th November 2014
8. Newspaper article. Tribute to bravery DVL, November 19, 2014.
9. Minutes. MAC meeting. 2 September 2016.

Folder 8 (Interpretative Signs Grant 2000-2001)
1. Folder. Various including Letters. EDHS Grant project: Kangaroo Ground Park and Tower of Remembrance interpretative signage from Parks Victoria 2000-2001.

Folder 9 (Miscellaneous)
1. Folder Gilham collection. Google earth images of Tower, Extract describing history of Tower, including honour roll for WW1 and WW2, 8 pages, Extract describing history of Tower, including honour roll for WW1 and WW2, 3 pages, 2002 and 2004; Kangaroo Ground Tower; Southwell-Keely M.; WAR MEMORIALS IN AUSTRALIA; 8 pages, https://web.archive.org/web/20080722161554/http://www.skp.com.au/memorials2/pages/30054.htm)
2. Letter. Undated, unsigned re application to council to proposed work to police radio masts behind caretaker’s cottage.
3. Brochure: Heritage Nillumbik. Includes cover photo and other information about site. Published by Nillumbik Shire Council. About 2006.
4. Folder of notes and photocopies of various Certificates of Title for property
5. Inward loan documents. Two. Andrew Ross Museum inward loan for collection items from “War Memorial Tower” 2003
6. Photocopies of postcards of Soldiers War Memorial: One taken c.1926 before completion around base, on colour print on paper (enlarged) of Soldiers War Memorial postcard c.1930s prior to gun placements with typed text pasted on and additional detail version mounted on card with handwritten explanatory notes by Harry Gilham.
7. Photocopy of photo of tower 1944 with guns in place from Gordon and explanatory notes plus A4 photo paper print of image (photoshopped cleaned up).
8. Miscellaneous photocopies of photos taken by Harry Gilham of Memorial Park entrance, model tower in font of tower entrance, caretaker’s cottage, spiral staircase, Menin Gate sign and possibly planting of Lone Pine.

Folder 10 (Fire Spotting Operations)
1. Biographical notes on Herman Motschall 1969-1981
2. Newspaper article, Memorial Tower top site for fire spotter, Diamond Valley News, May 15, 1973.
3. Proper Officer's report on an addition to the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower for Fire Spotting purposes: "This report covers the history of the tower, its uses, and reasons why it should be put to greater use, benefiting the Shire Council and ratepayers" Includes detailed commentary around the proposal to use the Shire of Eltham War Memorial at Kangaroo Ground for fire spotting. From Shire of Eltham archives. H. J. Masefield Property Officer.
4. Eltham Shire Council meetings 14 and 24 September 1973 references to fire watching facilities. Summary of end of season reports from spotters 1965-1973.
5. Newspaper clipping; Memorial a fire watch by Marguerite Marshall Diamond Valley News 16 March 1982
6. Letter: Cover letter from Dennis Ward 20 Feb 2006 architect for CFA Cabin design and Proposal to upgrade the fire spotting cabin, 2007 including a cost and concept plan dated 7 February 2009.
7. Newspaper article. From that first puff of smoke – horror. Diamond Valley Leader, Feb 25, 2009, p. 7
8. Invitation: State Government announcement of refurbishment of KGWM Fire spotting tower 19 October 2009
9. Newspaper article. Tower– up, Black Saturday watch. Cover and page. Diamond Valley Leader, October 28, 2009
10. Invitation. Opening of newly upgraded fire spotting tower, 11 April 2010
11. Newspaper article. Incredible luxury at fire spotting tower, Diamond Valley Leader, April 21, 2010, p, 5
12. Printout of plan of base of tower including comms cabinet and ladder to CFA cabin. Dated 17/6/2010

Archive Box 2

Folder 11 (Moor-rul Viewing Platform)
1. Agenda. Planning and building committee 12 March 2003 Application for construction of a viewing platform and road entry refurbishment and coach parking bay.
2. Envelope. Letters, paperwork and emails, mainly from Dennis Ward re roof design for the viewing platform and order for poppy seeds. 2005
3. Newspaper article (enlarged and laminated). Stolen Red gum seats sap new project’s momentum. (Local paper), April 3, 2007
4. Convenor’s Notes – Opening of the Viewing Platform at Kangaroo Ground, Shire of Nillumbik
5. Folder. Nillumbik Reconciliation Charter. Opening of the Moor-rul viewing platform 17.4.2008. Compiled by Harry Gilham. Includes newspaper clipping, speech, photocopy of photos with captions.
6. Newspaper article. View from the hill is a thrill. Heidelberg and Diamond Valley Weekly, April 22, 2008
7. Newspaper article. A platform towards reconciliation. Diamond Valley Leader, 23 April 2008.
8. Newspaper article: 6 reasons to visit Hurstbridge, The Age, Jun 6 2012
9. Article: Aboriginal cultural values and heritage management issues
10. Folder: Material relating to design and construction of viewing platform

Folder 12 - Shire of Nillumbik Advisory Committee
1. 2011 Diary, Harry Gilham, Kangaroo Ground Advisory Committee
2. Photocopy. Newspaper clipping. Nillumbik Council seeking nominations for new Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower and grounds advisory committee. DVN 17 Sept 1997
3. Letter. From NSC to Dean Stewart re heritage listing status. 12 July 1998.
4. Business paper for NSC Council meeting: KG Memorial Tower and Grounds advisory committee, 12 March 2002. Includes Terms of Reference

Folder 13 - Friends of Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park Inc.
1. KG Tower and land occupational health & Safety (guidelines) for volunteers
2. Supplementary notes (not related to fire spotting) from Friends group or advisory group of Kangaroo Ground War Memorial Park including design of seating, proposed budget for works, hand written notes from meeting by H.G. about 1999.

Folder 14 - Soldiers.
1. Folder of material pertaining to men from the Shire of Eltham who enlisted in WW1 and for whom the Shire of Eltham War Memorial was dedicated.
2. Folder on residents from Shire of Eltham who died in WW2 1939-1945 with listings of each from Commonwealth War Graves Commission, WW2 Nominal Roll for Eltham
3. Newspaper article: Mates join to recall past, Diamond Valley News, November 16, 1994
4. Newspaper article: Board replaced, Diamond Valley News, September 2, 1998 about Hurstbridge RSL Honour Roll Board
5. Newspaper article: Keeping the memories alive; VP Day honoured, Valley Weekly, August 17, 2005
6. Newspaper article: In our hearts; Tributes for war heroes, Diamond Valley Leader, November 9, 2005, p1
7. Newspaper article: Service honoured, Diamond Valley News, Leader, April 23, 2008
8. Newspaper article: Salute to last men standing, Diamond Valley Leader, April 20, 2011, p1 and Last of the world warriors, pp8-9
9. Newspaper article: We will remember, Diamond Valley Leader, April 25, 2012, p3
10. Newspaper article: Family legacy builds whole town, Diamond Valley Leader, Oct, 2013, p15
11. Photos and details of Honour Boards in the shire
12. Miscellaneous notes by Harry Gilham

Folder 15 – Welcome Home Committee Meeting Minutes.
1. Extracts from Welcome Home Committee Meeting Minutes 18 August 1917 to 14 August 1919.

Folder 16 – World War One Local Enlistments.
1. Lever arch binder containing records of local enlistments by name from the Diamond Valley including extracts from Commonwealth War Graves Commission records.

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